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 why theatre? 

Academic and popular literature are in agreement: an approach to sex education that empowers youth, and recognizes the social and human context of sexual relationships and behaviours, creates real change. Sadly, for the most part, innovative and interactive pedagogies are nowhere to be found in regards to school sex ed curriculums. There is a growing relationship between the arts, public health, and education. The common conceptual threads linking sex and theatre pedagogy (and the empirical evidence substantiating this link), support the the idea that theatre is the ideal tool to teach sex education among young people. At its core theatre is a personal experience, and invites youth to invest in their own learning by becoming a dynamic part of it. The topics included in the new curriculum's sexual education requirements are complex and multifaceted: theatre is uniquely qualified to aid youth in flexing their intellectual, creative, and emotional muscles to make the subject matter immediate, accessible, and lastingly impactful. 

 Why Use Theatre To Teach Sex Education? 

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The cast of SExT backstage on their second national tour (2018)

"I love watching the audience react and get emotionally involved while we perform and educate. The best type of learning is when you don’t realize it because it’s fun."


Sara Ahmed , SExT Cast Member


Our peer educators explain what being a part of SExT means to them.

 The Cast Explains: 

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