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 teacher's guide 

SExT acknowledges that some of the topics presented throughout our performance may elicit strong reactions, so it is beneficial for educators to provide students with opportunities to reflect on their own beliefs, perspectives, and biases. When youth can recognize that we all possess unique perspectives, personal histories, and identities, they are more likely to respect one another and value and support equity and inclusion for every member of society. Acknowledging differences can lead to a caring, safe, inclusive space for all.

This guide provides educators with background information about the play, a scene-by-scene summary with connections to relevant curriculum expectations, and a variety of pre- and post-performance discussion questions and activities for deeper engagement and creative extension. 

 Leading the Discussion 

"It definitely changed the stuff that I would do. In different situations, like in the skits that we did, I placed myself in those situations, right? I constantly asked myself what would I do if I was, you know, so and so, if I was this person? And that really, it put me in a position to change decisions if they were to ever occur in real life." - Youth Participant, SExT

 Downloadable Teacher's Guides 

*Please note that the resources listed in the above guides are for the specified city.

For a list of resources in your area, please contact us.

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