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 friends of the project 

Our Volunteers

Mike Bickerton - Editor/Videographer
Luke Brown - Creative Consultant
Michael Cooper - Photographer
Kevin Doe - LGBTQ Issues Speaker
​Dahlia Katz - Photographer
Shelby Marco - Research Assistant
Megan Miles - Stage Manager
Laura Moniz – Stage Manager​
Fiona Saunder - Photographer
Bonnie-Sue Soloman - Social Worker at MGCI, Consulting
Yammer Tejpar - LGBTQ Issues Speaker
Alyse Wasserman - Assistant Stage Manager
Lauren Zaretsky - Research Assistant

Our Collaborators

Dr. Liviana Calzavara - Supervisor 
​Flemingdon Health Centre
Caroline Godbout – CIHR Social Research Centre in HIV 
Ricky Goldenberg – Principal of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute
Dr. Pia Kontos - Thesis Committee
Anna Maria Polla - Flemington Health Centre Liason
Dr. Robert Schwartz  - Thesis Committee
The Social Research Centre in HIV Prevention
​University of Toronto - Dalla Lana School of Public Health 

Our Sponsors

The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council
Michelle Jean Foundation

Our Guest Artists

Matty Burns - Improv, comedy
Hamza Haq - Acting
Debora Joy - Voice
Elena Juatco - Singing, acting, music
Ming-Bo Lam - Dance
Josh Murray - Improv, comedy

We Couldn't Have Done It Without You!

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