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 who we are 

SExT: Sex Education by Theatre is a Canadian theatre company and performance program dedicated to educating young people about sexual health topics. We use an art-based and youth-led approach to take on pressing issues such HIV/STI prevention, consent, mental health, gender and sexual diversity, healthy relationships, racism, and cyberbullying.

 SExT = Sex Education by Theatre 


"Theatre is uniquely qualified to engage youth intellectually and emotionally, thus raising social consciousness and triggering social change." 


Dr. Shira Taylor, SExT Creator & Director

SExT was created by Dr. Shira Taylor with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.


As an artist and advocate for social justice in public health, Shira wanted to create a program to use theatre as a platform to empower youth to reflect on, challenge, and communicate their realities on issues related to sex education in a way that celebrates diverse identities. 

SExT seeks to demonstrate the virtues of empowering young people with understanding and self-worth. We operate from a community-based youth empowerment approach, inviting youth to tackle current issues head-on in a non-judgmental environment that promotes education, discussion, creativity, and personal discovery.


SExT promises to increase youth capacity to recognize and avoid unhealthy situations, to know their options should they find themselves in a precarious situation, to feel empowered to set boundaries, and to confidently explore their own sexuality on their own terms.


We encourage adult audiences to reconsider any preconceptions of young people, diversity, and sexuality.

 Our Mandate 

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