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Our Honorary Guest ... Premier Kathleen Wynne!

Today we performed at the One More Night Festival and had a very special guest in the audience!

Photo from Kathleen Wynne Twitter (@Kathleen_Wynne)

One year after the SExT pilot program came to Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne introduced the new sex education curriculum to schools in 2015, 17 years after the curriculum's last update in 1998. The new curriculum tackles topics not previously taught in schools including cyberbullying, healthy relationships, consent, homophobia, and gender identity; all topics covered by SExT ​and touched upon in our show. It was an honour to finally perform for her and thank her for her ongoing commitment to youth education. After our performance, the Premier had some very kind words to say, and we are grateful that the cameras were rolling!​

Thank you so much Premier Wynne for taking time out of your busy schedule to come see our show, for acknowledging how important this work is, and for saying that schools need to see this. We are fans!

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