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Heavy rain and lightened hearts

May 30, 2018 - North Battleford & Turtleford, Saskatchewan On the second to last day of shows during this tour, with cold, gloomy weather came a gloomy mood. Maybe it was my ill-fitting clothing for the tempature of the weather or maybe it was the darkness of the sky. Either way, I was faced with an overcast of moodiness that fluctated greatly as we performed. ​

At our first show in Sakewew High School in North Battleford however, the low thoughts in my mind disappeared as the laughs of the audience drowned them out. Even though the heaviness of the rain was on the rise, the spirit and energy of the cast and the audience couldn't be silenced. With our light hearts, we headed to Turtleford for our second show that day and like the persistence of the weather, my low mood came back. At Turtleford Community School, we were gifted with theatrical light changes as well as a lovely student light operator, Annie. And despite the nice addition of lights, my mood stayed low for most of the run. Perhaps the shift in the vocalization of the audience from the previous school threw me off. The first school showed their engagement through boisterous laughter while the second used a more quiet, and deeply captivated approach. As in the first show, it was seeing and interacting with the audience that my mood lifted. By the talkback, the heavy rain cloud I felt following me earlier in the show had lightened up and I left, much like the rain once we left, a lot lighter.

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