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Dance with Ming-Bo Lam

Ming-Bo Lam choreographing "Tunnel Vision" with dancers Michelle Nyamekye and Saad Ilyas

Bo is a literal ray of sunshine. She made me feel as though I am this phenomenal undiscovered contemporary dancer. She was open to suggestions and fed off of some of the ideas we gave her for moves. Working with an amazing dancer who makes you feel good enough to be dancing her beautifully choreographed piece means more than words can properly express.

“Young people’s energy inspires me, revitalizes me, and reminds me of why I started doing the work that I love.” – Bo

If you're ever looking for a ray of sunshine who is an incredible dancer and an even more incredible person, Bo is that person, and this is how I feel after just two days of working with her. Thanks Bo, for bringing out the inner dance star in us!

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