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A Warm Weyakwin Welcome

May 24, 2018 - Weyakwin, Saskatchewan Today we woke up and followed SMT (SExT Mean Time) and left half an hour late to perform for Kiskahikan School in a small community called Weyakwin. We took a detour and drove near the most beautiful parts of Canada. It was breath taking. We saw elks on the road. While on the ride to our next destination, we got a phone call from our ex-cast mate Saad from Pakistan. Talked about our shows, and Saskatchewan. He was really into it.

We arrived at the school. Cutest kids in their bikes greeted us. When we got in, Medric (who runs the school) and his wife had prepared soup and bannock for us. It was really delicious. We all enjoyed talking to him and listening to his stories. After that we went to the gym where we started to set up tech and props. Waiting for the cutest and most adorable students. Everyone was treating us so well. Audience came in. Adorable kids watched us with such passion and connected with our show. The show went really smoothly and was really fun. Aleef said "If even we connected to one of the students, it's worth it." After the show, we had fun with the kids for hours. The kids taught us dance moves, played volleyball with us, and just treated us like their best buds. They were literally the most adorable kids. We think our Jewish Mom (aka Shira) has her new favourites now, and we can't blame her for that. We took lots of pictures with the kids, pet their dogs and just became kids for hours. It was really heart breaking leaving such lovely souls behind. I think Shira wanted to cry a bit, but she held it back.

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